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All right, I admit it.  I am a procrastinator!  ...on the other hand, my friend Em might be able to proclaim that she is *the* Procrastinator.  ^_^

I've a lot planned for this site, which has been pretty stagnant the past year or so.  You'll be able to check out some of my artwork, my meshes, models, projects, professional work, and I'll even put some nice downloads up fairly soon...

For now (though I doubt anyone knows of my site's existence - if you do, how the heck did you get here??), take a look at what I've got happening so far - and bookmark the page because a lot is in the works...!  =)
Renders & 3-D Models/Meshes
Professional Services
(page under construction)
Click to your left to enter The Sketchbook, where most of my concept sketches and freehand artwork will be located (the gallery will increase in size as I have time to upload...).
Over the years, I have actually spent a little time being productive - that was a joke.
Not much of my professional work has been scanned, but I'll put a little up here...
OK so you've seen a few of my designs - needless to say they are deceptively simple, but as far as 3-D modeling goes, you can call me a novice!  Mostly renders here, a few meshes of my own...
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