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First up to bat is the Argus Class - actually based upon a quick sketch a good friend of mine created.  I told him I'd embellish a little and... well, there it is!  This is an ELINT cruiser, from a not-too-distant future of Starfleet
(I believe ELINT stands for ELectronic INTelligence).
This is an old one, I can't believe it's been nearly seven years  This was one of the last pastel pictures I made, my grandma took me to have it laminated shortly before she passed...  Unfortunately, as my drawing style improved, I realized that while the image had been preserved it could no longer be updated or touched up!  LOL
Anyway, this image is from an episode of the series my brother and I created.  Basically, our two ships arrive in a Borg-infested alternate reality and we end up helping defend the last stronghold of Starfleet.
Another "Star Trek: Beyond" image, this is actually a design Rick Sternbach created for use on one of the Star Trek television series, that went unused!  What a shame...  We scoop up dropped tidbits of authentic-looking trek stuff to form our series' details, and so I set about making orthographic views of this wonderful (if never realized) prop.  I did a front view of this TR-570 as well, but it never got to the coloring stage.
One of my more recent designs, the Pisces started out as a modular sort-of successor to the Defiant Class, based loosely upon an Imperial Earth starship I made out of balsa, oh... I dunno, six or seven years ago.

As you can see in the bottom picture here (the earliest), I plan to give it the ability to take on additional high-warp nacelles, to overcome the inherent design flaw in Defiant.  These would be used to get to a battle as quickly as possible, or to intercept another starship; they could be detached before entering battle, if desired.  In their place could also go one of the sensor pods I have planned, or additional weapons, to augment the standard complement and provide greater firing arcs.

This ship was supposed to be available as a Bridge Commander mod, but apparently the limited attention span of modders and modelers is deserving its reputation.

Oh well, I still like it, here's a COLOR treatment of my baby.  ^_^
You could call this one a commission...  ;-)

I can honestly say I am proud of the woman to the left.  Over the past half-decade I have less than frequently graced her with my online presence, but still she continues to stir my thoughts, inspire me as she somehow says I do with her, and make me sometimes wish I lived on the other American coastline.

Miss Anonymous is now attending university and I can't wait to see how the next 5 years go!  Stay beautiful, Anon, oh and sorry about possibly exaggerating your bustline a bit.  =P  ^_^

Oh, and "Hi."

The Archer Class started out as a fan request for the lead starship in a Trek RPG set after that "Enterprise" TV show.  Needless to say I was cringing when the gentleman showed me what he wanted to use - my early concept for the Chimera Class!  Let's just say it's a flat, sleek design that looks post-Voyager.  Yah...

So I said I'd make him something new that had similar lines and basic arrangement, except looked the period.  Voila.

I was considering rotating the pylons upward so that the nacelles are a little above the shuttledeck; this would make the small cant at each end horizontal.