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All right, I admit it.  I am a procrastinator!  ...on the other hand, my friend Em might be able to proclaim that she is *the* Procrastinator.  ^_^

For now (though I doubt anyone knows of my site's existence - if you do, how the heck did you get here??), take a look at what I've got happening so far - and bookmark the page because a lot is in the works...!  =)
Professional Services
Behold the ECC Truckloader! ^_^
Way back when I worked for a conveyor belt company, I designed layouts through which to transport all kinds of materials, including numerous food products and even Tiffany's jewelery.  One of our side projects was to adopt and redesign the truckloader here, which was a semi-stationary device for loading and unloading transports and tractor-trailers.  In my less-busy moments at the company, I built a model of it using AutoCAD, for illustration purposes.  It had a telescoping belt and fold-down roller gate.  Neat stuff.

Rendered in Poser, edited in Picture Publisher 8.
Professional Services
Professional Services
This is basically a piece of modern art which caught my attention while I was visiting my old school.  I made a point to memorize its simple yet striking scheme, and painted it in PP8 when I got home.  =)
Professional Services
I was commissioned to... well, asked to procure a couple of buttons for use on a friend's RPG site, years ago when I belonged to my first one online.

I used an assortment of rendering, complex masking, text effects, and the usual stuff.  Poser, PSP7, PP8.
Professional Services
My brother and I are into film scores and, having a blank CD jewel case for his rare Return to Oz soundtrack (as well as a lot more free time in those days), I offered to whip up a cover using an image from the 'net and some effects.  The LP was released in the mid-80s, so no doubt the original album art would be tacky, anyway.  ;-)

If you have not seen this movie, don't laugh!!