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These images were created a few years ago, I wanted to show what it might be like if the starship Voyager (and escorts) took a trip down into a pleasant atmosphere.  Don't ask me what the plot is to justify this, they just look pretty.  =)

The landscape was created and rendered in a free (shareware) program called Terragen.  I matched the lighting and color settings in another 3-D program, Poser 4, to render the Delta Flyer, a shuttlecraft, and Janeway's starship.  These were painstakingly converted to Poser from 3DS files, I must have had loads of free time back then.

Compositing, blurring, shadows, color/tone matching (and the lensflare) were accomplished in Picture Publisher 8.

I'll say it again - I have little modeling experience.  Fortunately, not a lot is required to make a Daedalus Class, and I'm rather proud of how this little ship came out, despite being made solely of Poser primitive solid shapes!

This was also my first real attempt at texturing, which in itself is touch-and-go in that program...  Post-work was done in Picture Publisher.

Now these were also in Poser, however not modeled by yours truly.  They *were* converted from .3ds format, which was a feat worthy of note in and of itself.  ^_^

Kind of a storyboard, I wanted to show a TMP-era chase (the Miranda having been stolen by rebels) between two same-side vessels.

This was a while ago, but I believe these are unrendered, merely anti-aliased, and then composited using PP8 into a single image.
I sampled the landscape/object rendering program called Bryce a few times, and though I never took it on, the few images I got seemed interesting.

I thought the image to the left was a desolate enough terrain to resemble a hellish planet, certainly cool but someplace I'd like to avoid...  lol